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Session Overview
WED5.2: Improved Risk information to support sound policy/decision making processes – The UNDP’s Global Risk Identification Programme, GRIP’s experience
Time: Wednesday, 29/Aug/2012: 2:40pm - 4:10pm
Session Chair: Carlos Anibal VILLACIS, UNDP-BCPR
Location: Sanada 2

Session organized by UNDP-GRIP


Improved Risk information to support sound policy/decision making processes – The UNDP’s Global Risk Identification Programme, GRIP’s experience

Jo SCHEUER1, Carlos VILLACIS2, José Guadalupe OSUNA MILLÁN3, Regina BELOW4, Jiahong WEN5, Amod DIXIT6

1UNDP-BCPR; 2UNDP-GRIP; 3Government Baja California State, Mexico; 4CRED; 5GRIP-CERAM Shanghai; 6NSET-Nepal

While there are many disaster risk assessments being carried out at different levels and using different approaches, it is not completely clear how effectively risk assessment results are incorporated in decision making processes. In many cases, risk assessments produce reports, maps and other rather technical outputs that remain unused or not clearly understood by the potential end-users of those results. In the meantime, countries, cities, communities, sectors are making decisions and investing resources in Disaster Risk Management Initiatives and Developing Planning and Investment without a proper understanding of the associated risks or not having an evidence-based strategy that guides their decisions. As a result, as shown by annual statistics on disaster losses, very little progress is being made in reducing the negative impact of natural extreme events on communities and their development. To address this issue, Risk Assessment must be an integral part of the decision making process at every stage: understanding the problem, planning the solutions, monitoring progress and evaluating impact to make the necessary corrections to the adopted plans and strategies. How to achieve this? What is the type of information that risk assessments should produce to be useful to end users’ decision making processes? How to engage end users from the very beginning of risk assessment processes to ensure validity, relevance and applicability of the results? UNDP’s Global Risk Identification Programme (GRIP) and several of its partners would like to share their field experiences at country level on their efforts to ensure effective integration of risk assessment in decision/policy making processes.

Session’s Objectives:
- To present the UNDP’s Global Risk Identification Programme (GRIP)’s approach to assist the countries to understand their disaster risks and use that information to support sound decision/policy making and development planning
- To present the collaboration with partners to develop tools, guidelines, standards that can be utilized at country level to improve their risk and disaster information
- To present actual examples of how countries have utilized improved risk information to inform decision making and development planning
- To share field experiences at country level on UNDP’s GRIP and its partners’ efforts to develop local capacities for risk assessment and for its applications in decision/policy making processes
- To openly discuss these experiences to produce recommendations on how these efforts can better support the countries’ risk assessment needs.

Expected outputs
- A better understanding of UNDP’s GRIP contributions to improving countries’ understanding of their disaster risks and of feasible, effective mitigation options
- A better understanding of what countries are actually doing to incorporate risk information as an integral part of decision making processes
- A set of recommendations on how the international community can better assist countries with their risk assessment needs and demands.

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