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Session Overview
WED4.3: Lessons learned from recent very large-scale disasters in the world
Time: Wednesday, 29/Aug/2012: 1:00pm - 2:30pm
Session Chair: Peijun SHI, Beijing Normal University
Location: Sertig

Session organized by the Integrated Risk Governance Project/IHDP


Lessons learned from recent very large-scale disasters in the world

Peijun SHI1, Carlo JAEGER2

1Integrated Risk Governance Project/IHDP, China, People's Republic of; 2Global Systems, Dynamics and Policy, Global Climate Forum

In recent years, the whole world experienced various very large-scale disasters including earthquakes in China, New Zealand and Haiti, floods in Southeast Asia, and more significantly, the Triple Disaster in Japan. It is unfortunate that the governing bodies at all levels still lack of coping capacity and mechanism to prevent and mitigate such disasters as well as recover efficiently and effectively from such events.

In this session, experts from the IRG Project community and the Global Climate Forum will present their research findings based on case studies to identify the lessons learned from different countries and different disasters. Innovative concepts and ideas, not only in sciences and technology but also in policy making and human behavior change, are expected to be discussed and debated for the purpose of improving and assisting risk governance practice globally.


Norio, Okada, Kyoto University, Professor

Qian, Ye, IHDP-IRG Project, Executive director; Too much money and too little money: lessons learned from recent global disasters

Armin, Haas, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, Senior Researcher

Xiaobing, Hu, Beijing Normal University, Professor; Ripple-Spreading Models and Algorithms for Integrated Risk Governance

Peijun, Shi, IHDP-IRG Project, Beijing Normal University, Co-chair, Vice President


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