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Session Overview
TUE5.1: Public empowerment policies for crisis management
Time: Tuesday, 28/Aug/2012: 2:40pm - 4:10pm
Session Chair: Marita VOS, University of Jyväskylä, Finland
Location: Dischma

Workshop organized by the PEP project

Session Abstract


Public empowerment policies for crisis management

Marita VOS1, Jenni HYVÄRINEN1, Marc STAL2

1University of Jyväskylä, Finland; 2Global Risk Forum GRF Davos, Switzerland

This workshop is part of the EC funded FP7 project ‘Public Empowerment Policies for crisis manage-ment’ (PEP) January 2012 - December 2014. The aim of the PEP project is to investigate how the crisis response abilities of the public can be enhanced and to clarify what public empowerment policies and research priorities can further these objectives.

A general goal of crisis management is prevention and reduction of harm or damage. This is supported by the communication goals set for citizens: empowerment to act, social understanding of risks and increased cooperation. The role of communities in crisis response can be enhanced, while human technology can support preparedness training and the issuing of instructions in crisis situations. By investigating best practices in educating citizens and working with communities, taking their point of view into account, potential key enablers for public empowerment will be identified and analysed.

To identify the key enablers for public resilience, a broad overview of best practices in how authori-ties currently enhance public response abilities will be delivered. In addition the project will clarify how authorities can successfully involve social groups and communities in crisis preparedness and response. Promising developments in the use of social media and mobile services will be identified within a human technology approach, taking preferences and public acceptance into account.

PEP is a support project that will outline directions for further research and implementation in Eu-rope enhancing the crisis response abilities of the public. For this purpose the project will, next to research activities, also invite crisis management experts and researchers to participate in a dialogue about this. ..

The workshop will kick start the construction of a Road Map that will chart promising areas for future research and implementation supporting human resilience, by bringing together current expertise and research activities, and developing a matrix showing gaps and recommended directions. The core activity will include an online discussion forum and culminate in a seminar at the IDRC 2014 conference.

Participation in the workshop is open to all participants of IDCR interested and will be supported by invitations. To start the workshop preliminary project results will be presented The main aim of the workshop is, through an exchange of views by the participants to gain insights in promising developments enhancing community resilience and public response. In the next conference IDRC 2014 this discussion will continued based on the full project results.

Workshop programme
- The PEP project: An introduction, by coordinator Marita Vos
- Community approaches in crisis management: A desk study, by researcher Jenni Hyvärinen
- A toolbox for Crisis Management and Communication, by Anne-Marie van het Erve
- Technology options in Crisis Communication, by Matti Haataja and Helen Sullivan
- Road Map discussion on gaps, challenges and chances for further development

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